Corrections Divisions


The Knox County Correctional Facility is located at 327 Park St., Rockland, adjacent to the Knox County Public Safety Building. The facility has been in operation since 1992 and was certified to house 49 long-term, 9 forty-eight hour, and 2 four-hour prisoners, a total capacity of 60. In 2007, the Maine Department of Corrections authorized a facility change to allow for the housing of 86 prisoners as well as the ability to have both male and female housing areas. The facility is not certified to house juvenile.

The Knox County Correctional Facility has a very unique role within the State of Maine; the Maine Department of Corrections has two facilities located within the county, this can add a considerable amount of work load to our county facility and staff with regard to the tasks that must be conducted by county facility not the Maine Department of Corrections.

Traditionally in Maine a Sheriff was responsible for the incarceration of anyone charged with a crime but not able to make bail and anyone who was to serve a sentence for a crime that was a misdemeanor. Over the years that has changed; currently a Sheriff is responsible to incarcerate anyone who is charged with a crime and is not able to make bail but also anyone who is sentenced to a term of imprisonment that does not exceed nine months per conviction.

In order to make the Corrections Division as efficient as possible, with regard to management of staff and services, it has been broken into additional divisions; Programs and Services, Security and Operations, and Transport.

Robert Wood

Corrections Administrator (Captain)

1 (207) 594-0430 ext. 129

Lt. Cynthia Gardner

1 (207) 594-0430 ext. 126

Lt. Shawn Wallace

1 (207) 594-0430 ext. 128

Sgt. Warren Heath III

1 (207) 594-0430 ext. 130

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