Requesting Reports

Need to Request a Deputy Report?

Knox County recognizes the rights of the public to certain information, which is guaranteed under Maine's Freedom of Access Law as outlined in 1 M.R.S. Chapter 13. The law provides that public proceedings and public records are to be open to the public.

The Knox County Commission adopted this comprehensive public records policy on May 10, 2016. This policy will assure that public records within the custody and control of the County are open and available to the public; that requests to inspect and copy records are evaluated promptly and handled consistent with the Maine Freedom of Access Law and that persons requesting to inspect and copy public records in the custody and control of the County know the procedures and guidelines that apply to those requests.

Please click the link below to access our Knox County Freedom of Access Information Form. Once you have filled out the form (please provide as much information as possible) you can email it to: or you can mail it to our office at 301 Park Street Rockland, ME 04841. 

Knox County Sheriff's Office Report Fees

Crash Reports: $12.00

Freedom of Access requests:

First two hours- $0

Time beyond two hours- $25/hr

Printed reports- $0.10/page

Discs containing video or images- $.60/disc

Thumb drives containing PDFs, video or images- $3.20

Shipping fees- at cost

Cash-Check-Money Orders Accepted

Ordering Crash Reports

Crash Reports can now be requested electronically! At the scene of your accident the Deputy who responded should have provided you with their business card with your case number listed on the back. Please allow 7 business days for reports to be completed and uploaded onto the websites. You can request your crash report from either link below.

You can also find us on: