Facility Information

Facility Information 

The Knox County Jail is a medium security facility in Knox County and is arranged on 2 sections of land in metropolitan Rockland. It is located at 327 Park Street, Rockland, ME, 04841 and was built in 1980. The 86-bed facility houses pre-preliminary prisoners and prisoners who have a sentence less than 9 months and 1 day. 

Commissary Funds

No money or negotiable instruments will be brought in/ mailed in or received by for an inmate. After initial booking any funds that are added to your commissary account will be done either by the kiosk in the lobby, by calling (866)345-1884 and using Visa or MasterCard or going on line to AccessCorrections.com. 

Inmates may order from commissary once a week from a menu approved by the Jail Administrator or his/her designee. Additions or deletions to the commissary menu are approved by the Jail Administrator or his/her designee. 

The commissary vendor will provide commissary order utilizing the inmate phone system.

The commissary vendor will deliver the items individually packaged for inmate to facility. This is done once a week on the day and time determined by the business manager. 

An inmate is considered indigent and eligible for basic hygiene and letter writing materials once it had been verified that the inmate has no funds available or have had no funds in their account for a minimum of 30 days, 

Inmates are limited to $35 for any single purchase from the Commissary. Unlimited Phone time purchase is not included in this amount. 

Phone Calls

Pre-trial detainees will be allowed two (2) unmonitored phone calls as part of the booking process. 

The booking officer will notify a Bail Commissioner if you are eligible for bail.. 

Any additional phone calls can be made from the inmate phones in the housing unit to which you will be assigned. Phones are normally activated from 0800 AM to 2300 hours, but only when approved by the shift supervisor after cleaning has been completed. 

Should you bail and need to arrange transportation, you may be allowed to call from the desk phone in the booking area. 


Phone calls from inmate phones are collect or by pre-arranged billing; no incoming calls can be received on inmate phones.

Inmate Mail 

There is no impediment to the quantity of letters that a detainee may send and receive. Indigent detainees will receive postage and will be able to send 3 letters every week. 

Incoming and outgoing mail must incorporate a full return address. Mail received must be written in English. Any incoming mail not following these rules will be checked, labeled "Return to Sender" and put back in the active mail.

Detainees at the Knox County Jail may receive cards, letters, and photos via the post office. Cards and photos may not surpass 5" x 7" in size. Polaroids, bare or in part naked photos are not allowed. Detainees may not receive bundles.

Medical & Mental Health

The staff physician/P.A. visits the jail weekly; He/she is on call for emergency cases. In the meantime, alternate arrangements are available in the staff physicians absence. Any inmate wishing to receive medical care needs to complete a medical request form and placed in the medical request box. 

Knox County is responsible to provide emergency and normal health care determined necessary by the medical provider. It is not responsible for elective treatment that the medical provider determines can safely wait until your release. Psychological and substance abuse counseling are also available and you may request this by submitting a request addressed to the Programs Officer. Follow up visits for treatment started during incarceration will be at the inmate's expense after his/her release. 


Inmates in the Knox County Jail shall be eligible to submit a visitation list for visits upon being classified. (Within 72 hrs of incarceration this does not include weekends and holidays). Except in emergencies, as determined by the Jail Administrator, all visitors need to be cleared before an inmate will be allowed to visit. 

Special Management and Mental Health inmates are eligible for visits unless there is a documented medical, safety or security concern that justifies limiting such visit. 

Visitor Request Form should be requested from the block officers. 

The Visit Request Form will allow the inmate to identify up to six individuals that s/he would like to have a visit with during their incarceration at Knox County Jail. Children 10 years and under, need to be listed but will not be counted as one of the six. Once the visitor's is approved, the Program/APO Officer will enter the visitors in the JMS under the inmate's visitor list. The inmate's visitors list will identify whether approved or denied 


Visitors may be denied visits for the following reasons: a) Being on current bail conditions b) Pending criminal charges c) If a protection order or other court order prohibiting contact between the inmate and the requested 

visitor is in effect.

Inmate Bail 

Please call the jail at 207-594-0430 for the type of bond and any information that is required for a particular individual at Knox County Jail.

A bond is set according to a court-approved schedule.

The purpose of the bond is to assure the offender's appearance in court. 

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Please visit Maine Pretrial Service's website for more information. 

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